What to expect from Apple’s Media Event today



It’s 22 Oct! It’s my birthday, Monsieur Arsène Wenger’s birthday, and also Apple’s Media Event! Apple’s theme of “We still have a lot of cover” certainly reflects the anticipation of many Apple fanboys out there. After a rather lacklustre first half of the year, Tim Cook and team managed to lift the spirits somewhat by introducing the much-awaited iOS 7 and iPhone 5S/C. However, more was expected of the tech giant and the expectation aren’t any lower for today’s event. To keep it simple, here’s a list of items that is most likely to appear today. I broke it down to 3 categories based on the possibility of them be announced.

(almost) Definitely:

  • Refreshed iPad and iPad Mini. The iPad is expected to follow the design of its smaller brother and come in with a smaller bezel and reduction is weight. As for the Mini, a retina display is widely rumoured. Both are also likely to launch with the Touch ID.
  • Release of the new Maverick OS for its Mac lineup.


  • There has been rumours about the keyboard cover similar to that of the Microsoft Surface’s. This is certainly on my wishlist.
  • The new Mac Pro is definitely on the cards and this will definitely be a good platform to launch it.

Not possible:

  • Please forget about the new iWatch or Smart TV. Period.





Singapore ranks 4th in global smartphone penetration

Singapore ranks 4th in global smartphone penetration

Top 15 Countries

Pinterest updates iOS apps

Pinterest updates its app for iPhone and iPad – making it easier for you to repin, like or share the pictures.

Instructions below:

1. First, press and hold any pin.

2. When the menu fans out, slide your finger toward the pin, like or send icon.



Linkedin teaches us 5 ways to boost our profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

AT LEAST put a decent profile pic okay?

5 LinkedIn Profile Tips Infographic


Social Media Usage Statistics for Singapore

Here’s a great infographics of the Social Media usage statistics for Singapore!

Social Media Usage Statistics for Singapore - Infographic
Courtesy of: Infographics.SG

To be honest, I am quite surprised at the penetration level of social media in Singapore – especially Twitter. A lot of my friends either don’t know how to use Twitter, or simply refuse to create an account. I believe Twitter can be a very useful tool for keeping up with the latest news, as evident during the last General and Presidential elections in 2011. National crisis like the haze situation in June also resulted in many creative use of social media to alert the public and leverage help for the less fortunate.

Integrating Instagram with Facebook page

I was checking Red Bull’s Facebook page on my phone today and I was surprised to see that it was displaying its Instagram photos (sorry if I’m slow on this). I realized that there must be a Instagram and Facebook page integration which I never knew existed.

All this while, I assumed that Instagram is only able to post photos on the profile timeline. However, after a search on google (what else?), I found out that you can actually link your Facebook page by adjusting the settings in your Instagram account.

Here’s how:
Go to Instagram profile>options>share settings>Facebook


Simply select the page that is linked to your Facebook profile. Have fun!

Photos of baby Clement

When I went into photography, I always wanted to take landscape pictures and capture beautiful sceneries. However, with my love for children, I inevitably started taking pictures of them and was intrigued by the lovely expression that each one of them has. Children offers an interesting challenge to photography (in my humble amateur opinion) — it is often difficult to get them to pose for you, and they might not even want to let you take pictures of them.

Clement is the son of my church friend. I often try to play with him and capture his attention, but to no avail. However, this time round I took a picture of him and showed it to him on my viewfinder, and immediately, it caught his attention. This is a trick I often use with children and most of the time it works!

What’s more amazing is that he actually sat down on the floor and pose for me. And each time I took a picture, he would walk over to see the picture that was taken and go back and pose for me again. You never know what to expect with kids, and perhaps that is what makes photographing them so satisfying and fun.

By the way, I was using a Nikon D90 camera, and trying out my 35mm f/1.8 lens for the first time. The photos were really sharp and gave a nice bokeh (blurry effect). Really had fun taking pictures of him and other children at the wedding which I forgot to mention.

More to come!

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