What to expect from Apple’s Media Event today



It’s 22 Oct! It’s my birthday, Monsieur Arsène Wenger’s birthday, and also Apple’s Media Event! Apple’s theme of “We still have a lot of cover” certainly reflects the anticipation of many Apple fanboys out there. After a rather lacklustre first half of the year, Tim Cook and team managed to lift the spirits somewhat by introducing the much-awaited iOS 7 and iPhone 5S/C. However, more was expected of the tech giant and the expectation aren’t any lower for today’s event. To keep it simple, here’s a list of items that is most likely to appear today. I broke it down to 3 categories based on the possibility of them be announced.

(almost) Definitely:

  • Refreshed iPad and iPad Mini. The iPad is expected to follow the design of its smaller brother and come in with a smaller bezel and reduction is weight. As for the Mini, a retina display is widely rumoured. Both are also likely to launch with the Touch ID.
  • Release of the new Maverick OS for its Mac lineup.


  • There has been rumours about the keyboard cover similar to that of the Microsoft Surface’s. This is certainly on my wishlist.
  • The new Mac Pro is definitely on the cards and this will definitely be a good platform to launch it.

Not possible:

  • Please forget about the new iWatch or Smart TV. Period.





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