What to expect from Apple’s Media Event today



It’s 22 Oct! It’s my birthday, Monsieur Arsène Wenger’s birthday, and also Apple’s Media Event! Apple’s theme of “We still have a lot of cover” certainly reflects the anticipation of many Apple fanboys out there. After a rather lacklustre first half of the year, Tim Cook and team managed to lift the spirits somewhat by introducing the much-awaited iOS 7 and iPhone 5S/C. However, more was expected of the tech giant and the expectation aren’t any lower for today’s event. To keep it simple, here’s a list of items that is most likely to appear today. I broke it down to 3 categories based on the possibility of them be announced.

(almost) Definitely:

  • Refreshed iPad and iPad Mini. The iPad is expected to follow the design of its smaller brother and come in with a smaller bezel and reduction is weight. As for the Mini, a retina display is widely rumoured. Both are also likely to launch with the Touch ID.
  • Release of the new Maverick OS for its Mac lineup.


  • There has been rumours about the keyboard cover similar to that of the Microsoft Surface’s. This is certainly on my wishlist.
  • The new Mac Pro is definitely on the cards and this will definitely be a good platform to launch it.

Not possible:

  • Please forget about the new iWatch or Smart TV. Period.





Lion OS only upgradable from Snow Leopard

Apple just announced its Lion OS and showed off a slew of fantastic features at the keynote. I must applaud Apple for charging only USD 29.99 for this full featured OS as a downloadable option on the Mac App Store. However, this means that only the current Snow Leopard OS users will be able to get the Lion OS as the Mac App Store is only available on the Snow Leopard. Leopard OS users like me will have to fork out SGD 48 for the Snow Leopard OS before downloading it on the Mac App Store.

Although the total cost would still be cheaper than the USD 129.99 they charge in the past for a full-fledged OS, it is certainly a lot more hassle for non Snow Leopard users.

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