Social Media Usage Statistics for Singapore

Here’s a great infographics of the Social Media usage statistics for Singapore!

Social Media Usage Statistics for Singapore - Infographic
Courtesy of: Infographics.SG

To be honest, I am quite surprised at the penetration level of social media in Singapore – especially Twitter. A lot of my friends either don’t know how to use Twitter, or simply refuse to create an account. I believe Twitter can be a very useful tool for keeping up with the latest news, as evident during the last General and Presidential elections in 2011. National crisis like the haze situation in June also resulted in many creative use of social media to alert the public and leverage help for the less fortunate.


Integrating Instagram with Facebook page

I was checking Red Bull’s Facebook page on my phone today and I was surprised to see that it was displaying its Instagram photos (sorry if I’m slow on this). I realized that there must be a Instagram and Facebook page integration which I never knew existed.

All this while, I assumed that Instagram is only able to post photos on the profile timeline. However, after a search on google (what else?), I found out that you can actually link your Facebook page by adjusting the settings in your Instagram account.

Here’s how:
Go to Instagram profile>options>share settings>Facebook


Simply select the page that is linked to your Facebook profile. Have fun!

HTC ChaCha launched in Singapore

HTC ChaCha: Dedicated facebook phone

While it is certainly not THE Facebook phone that was rumored earlier in the year, this android-qwerty phone is the first with a dedicated Facebook button. If you LOVE Facebook, want to be able to update status, post videos and photos to Facebook with a touch of a button, this is the phone for you.

Other than the Facebook-centric features, it can of course surf the web, play your music and check emails like what all android phones should do. By the way, Singtel (from Singapore) will be the first in Asia to launch the HTC ChaCha. Remember to post this on your Facebook wall 😉

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