Photos of baby Clement

When I went into photography, I always wanted to take landscape pictures and capture beautiful sceneries. However, with my love for children, I inevitably started taking pictures of them and was intrigued by the lovely expression that each one of them has. Children offers an interesting challenge to photography (in my humble amateur opinion) — it is often difficult to get them to pose for you, and they might not even want to let you take pictures of them.

Clement is the son of my church friend. I often try to play with him and capture his attention, but to no avail. However, this time round I took a picture of him and showed it to him on my viewfinder, and immediately, it caught his attention. This is a trick I often use with children and most of the time it works!

What’s more amazing is that he actually sat down on the floor and pose for me. And each time I took a picture, he would walk over to see the picture that was taken and go back and pose for me again. You never know what to expect with kids, and perhaps that is what makes photographing them so satisfying and fun.

By the way, I was using a Nikon D90 camera, and trying out my 35mm f/1.8 lens for the first time. The photos were really sharp and gave a nice bokeh (blurry effect). Really had fun taking pictures of him and other children at the wedding which I forgot to mention.

More to come!


Lunar Eclipse 2011: View from Singapore

As most of you already know, a full lunar eclipse was visible on June 16 2011. I did not want to miss this opportunity, so I brought my Nikon D90 along with tripod and 18-105 (not the best lens I know!). I went to a open top of a multi-story carpark which gave me a clear view of the sky.

At 3am (Singapore time), the sky was black and there was already a partial eclipse as can be seen from the first picture above. At about 3.25am, without looking through the camera, it looked like a full eclipse. Through the lens, the moon looked blood red. After about 10mins, the clouds came and blocked out the view of the moon completely, leaving the sky in a redness that I have never seen before.

At this point, I decided not to wait any longer and go back to my bed — just in time to hear the soothing sound of the pouring rain 😀

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